Best of local cider


Armagh Cider Company

Armagh Cider Company was first established in 2005 on the family farm at Ballinteggart outside Portadown. It was the first commercial craft cider company in Northern Ireland.

By using their own apples and no artificial additives quality is guaranteed in each of their products. Famous for their original, award winning Carson’s Crips and Maddens Mellow Ciders, which  are made using predominantly the Armagh Bramley Apple.

Maddens Mellow Cider

This cider was launched in summer 2010, and is ideal for those who prefer a slightly sweeter cider. Maddens Mellow is named after the orchard where the variety of apples used in this product are grown. This is a traditional, full flavoured cider made using apples grown in County Armagh. Like Carson’s Crisp it is produced exclusively from fresh pressed apples and contains no artificial ingredients. Winner of two Silver medals in the International Cider Challenge for Taste and Packaging.

Carson’s Crisp Cider

Is a refreshing, traditional cider made using apples grown in the orchards of County Armagh. Unlike many ciders it is produced exclusively from fresh pressed apples and contains no artificial flavours, colours or ingredients.

long meadow

Long Meadow Cider

Long Meadow Cider is a true Armagh Craft Cider produced by father and son Pat and Peter McKeever. For three generations the McKeever men have been tending to the farm at Long Meadow, growing and producing a variety of apples and know only too well the importance of high quality apples within high quality ciders.

In 2012, Long Meadow Farm diversified into the cider industry producing two varieties, Medium and Blossom Burst. They now have a third limited edition, Dry Oak Aged Cider.

Medium Cider is sharp and refreshing, a real thirst quencher. Blossom Burst has a soft, smooth mellow taste, a great accompaniment with any meal and their Oak Aged Cider has been stored in oak aged barrels allowing apple and oak to infuse with each other leaving a boisterous dry cider.