Best of local

When it comes to growing, breeding, catching, crafting, cooking and distilling  in Northern Ireland we are second to none!

At McBride’s on the Square we recognise that local foods and drinks not only taste better but the importance of supporting local businesses and suppliers. With a wide selection of local food and drink products on offer in our bar and restaurant we  have brought you our best of local favourites that we recommend you try!

Bottle of Shortcross Gin

Shortcross Gin

Distilled locally at Rademon Estate Distillery, Shortcross Gin is Northern Ireland’s first award winning Craft Distillery Gin. The Gin was created to be a classical Gin with a unique twist; best described as floral meadows, wild berries and grassy notes.  It is highly aromatic with an exceptionally long and smooth finish.

Bottle of Jawbox Gin

Jawbox Gin

Jawbox Gin is the first single-estate gin to be produced in Ireland, a classic dry gin like no other. The makers actually grow their own grain, use water from their own well and distil their own spirit before adding fragrant botanicals such as Black Mountain heather, coriander seed and angelica root. The process of distilling this Gin is tricky. It takes time and uses local produce and the results are more than worth it!

Belfast was famous for many things, refreshing Ginger Ale being one of these. The makers of Jawbox Gin recommend you set aside the usual in favour of the unusual and raise a glass with Jawbox Gin and Ginger Ale and think of all things great about Northern Ireland!

Bottle of Rubyblue Vodka

Rubyblue Vodka

RubyBlue is Ireland’s First Potato Distilled Vodka! This local Vodka is ultra smooth with subtle notes of vanilla and crisp apple. Described as buttery and well-rounded it is perfect for those that like to enjoy Vodka neat or an excellent base for Cocktails and Martini’s.

Rubyblue Spirits recommend you try their RubyBlue Vodka served with quality lemonade on ice, garnished with a slice of apple and a sprig of fresh thyme.