Craft & World Beer


Here at McBrides a great tasting drink is just as important as great tasting food. This is why we offer such a wide range of beers from around the world to compliment any of our delicious meals from the restaurant or bar menu.         From Belgium to America and Cork to right here in Comber  here is of the amazing craft and world beer we offer!


Farmageddon is a craft beer close to our hearts because it brewed close to our pub! Farmageddon is our local brewers and produces a true taste of the town by using 100% natural ingredients locally sourced. This is craft beer at its best.



Brewed south of the border in Cork, Franciscan Well is a popular choice among the locals. We offer three of their best beers. The medium bodied Rebel Red is a traditional Irish Red Ale making it perfect accompaniment for any hearty Irish meal. The Friar Weisse is a german style wheat beer with a lighter taste with hints of banana and toffee. Last but not least the chieftain is the definite leader. Strong, Malty and full of flavour this 5.5% ABV ale commands its own unique signature serve glass, not for the light hearted.