Guinness West Indies Porter

Guinness West Indies Porter

We have been selected as one of 25 pubs in Northern Ireland to offer the Guinness Open Gate Brewery and are delighted to announce that from today you will be able to enjoy some of the small batch Open Gate Brewery Beers direct from St James Gate in Dublin at McBrides. New brews come on stream every second month and our current offering is Guinness West Indies Porter.

A beer well travelled, Guinness West Indies Porter was inspired by a recipe devised back in 1801, when Guinness first decided to export across the globe. The mother of what we now know as  Foreign Extra Stout, it was the pioneering brew that began it all, crafted with more hops to preserve the beer during sea voyages of four-to-five weeks in tropical climes.

Call into McBride’s and give it a try!